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Huh? Oh, hi there...My name's Taimu. I'm a warrior who protects the dreams of innocents. Nice to meet ya....*yawn*
-An independant OC RP blog-

*Shadow had come to him once to ask who he was, what his story was. Taimu hadn’t wanted to tell him initially. And wondered why the other guy asked in the first place. Maybe he had thought Taimu was this awful villain.

Nothing could be further from the truth…and he had a feeling if Shadow or Blaze knew, their faces would be priceless.

…if Shadow knew just who he had hit.

Taimu allowed a small smile to grace his lips. The past days, weeks, were awful. Just a sea of misery with no end in sight…
Shallow and selfish as it was, Taimu wanted to feel better. To cheer up. To laugh at something.

He just needed one of those boys to come here. It was a large Dreamplane, he thought as he settled against a boulder to nap, but somehow they always found him anyway.*

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