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Huh? Oh, hi there...My name's Taimu. I'm a warrior who protects the dreams of innocents. Nice to meet ya....*yawn*
-An independant OC RP blog-

*Taimu had healed, slept harder and longer than he had in days, and felt he was read to start preparing. And by that he meant more training, and research on this Northa woman.

And he also had to tell Shadow and Blaze something important. Something he was sure Sol would approve of, though he didn’t know yet what Taimu was going to say.

The prince-knight stood in the Dreamplane again—it felt right, seeing as this was where the fool twins always found him. This dream world looked like a futuristic city, and Taimu stood on a metal overpass overlooking a deep, dark chasm. He stood near the edge, staring down into the darkness.*

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