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Huh? Oh, hi there...My name's Taimu. I'm a warrior who protects the dreams of innocents. Nice to meet ya....*yawn*
-An independant OC RP blog-

[[Wow, holy fuck, I leave for a few days and damn…

So from what I understand, Blaze is in a coma, but he’s not really? He’s lying? And he’s sending cruel anons to some of the rpers on this site?

If it is Blazemun, he should stop and come clean. If it isn’t and he really is in the hospitla, well his family has my condolences but should you guys be doing better things than harassing people online, Blaze-family? I mean, if the dude’s in a coma, in the hospital, you should be at his side, talking to relatives, or the doctors, not lurking a blog site and sending threatening messages.]]

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